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We are a small group of private carers dedicated to our work.  Based in North Dorset and all self-employed, we realised that by working together, we could provide a wider range of services and flexible times to our customers. 

Domiciliary Care

We will visit you at appropriate times to assist you with your needs.

Live-In Care

A carer will live with you full-time or part time (if you are recovering from illness or an operation) and take care of all your needs.

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Palliative Care

A team of carers will live with you and care for you 24 hours per day in collaboration with your medical team.  We provide end-of-life care at home as well as emotional support for your family and practical support too.

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We are so fortunate to have met such an incredible team

TL and her amazing team looked after my mother for the last six months of her life.

TL came over to have tea with us and introduced herself when we needed care for my mother in 2018. There was an instant connection . She explained the levels of care that they could provide from popping in for an hour to full time care.

Over the weeks the care increased to over night stays and eventually full care.

Absolutely nothing was too much trouble. They are all so professional in their approach and yet they just become part of the family and the home.

They would cook lovely appetising meals, put the washing on , collect prescriptions- really anything required for running the home but always respectful of attending the needs and wishes of my Mother.

TL organised everything from an electric rising chair, stair lift and ordering equipment to make my mother as comfortable as possible. I know Mum became very attached to the team - her face would light up when they arrived.

They tended her every need - all intuitively knowing when she needed some quiet time or to sit and chat. They even knew she like to have her afternoon tea in a cup and saucer not a mug!

It was my mother’s wish to stay at home . TL made this possible and organised everything for us. It was a very special time for myself and our family - not only did TL make this possible to follow my mother’s wishes; she and her team supported us all through this in such a professional and caring way. Once we needed an increased level of care TL arranged this within a couple of hours for us .

My Mother’s loss is still very poignant, but I know through the exceptional care from TL and her team the quality of her life was made very comfortable and special.

We will forever be in their gratitude.

The care did not finish after we lost my mother. My son had ordered a Sinclair Clan Tartan rug to lay on her coffin. Unfortunately it arrived the day before the funeral while I was out. TL popped in that day and I told her what had happened. She said not to worry she would sort it out. It meant a lot to us all that my mother would have her clan rug with her. On turning up at the church the following morning there was TL with the clan rug which we were able to lay on her coffin. As I say nothing was too much trouble for them to support and help us all in any way.

I call them our Angels as they made a very sad time manageable for my Mother and the family. We now have some very fond memories of this time.

I would highly recommend TL and her team. We are so fortunate to have met such an incredible team of genuine, caring and professional people.

SS - Child Okeford 

You made it possible for mum to die peacefully

We wanted to thank you for all the love, care and help you gave Mum and us all.  You truly are special and made it possible for Mum to die peacefully at home.  This is a treasured memory for us and we are so grateful to have had that time with her.   Nothing was too much trouble and you have a fantastic team.  You truly made us feel comfortable and comforted.  With Love S, J, O and family. - Child Okeford 

Thank you for the support you've given our family over the last couple of years

Without you Mum and Dad could not have stayed in their own home as they became more frail and dependent on help.  Thanks to you and your team they were able to remain in the house they loved, surrounded by all they knew.  They could not have received better care or more love.  You, and your team, have always been prepared to go the extra mile to help them live their lives to the fullest and I cannot praise or thank you enough.  I really do believe you were a gift from God.  You came into our lives just when we needed you the most.  Your experience, understanding and skill quickly calmed Mum's initial fears and anxiety and she and Dad were delighted to have your company and your help.

Even though these last weeks must have been so hard for you and the team you continued to give not just Mum and Dad but all of us the utmost compassion and care.  I am so grateful for your understanding and flexibility - the way someone was always there for us, the way that the household continued to run smoothly and much needed meals appeared, the way you kept our spirits up even whilst you must have been hurting.

Thank you all for giving up so much of yourselves to Mum and Dad and all of us.  The whole family is so thankful to you and to God that you could be this blessing in our lives.

  With Love GW and family. - Child Okeford